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Public and Community Relations

4ourFans, Inc. was created to help professional athletes create their charitable identities, show fan appreciation and improve their image and marketability. We're dedicated to delivering the best in charitable giving and communications strategy to our clients so they can reach their goals. Fans and customers seek interactivity above all and an expanded role with the brands they interact with, regardless of their status.

Having a charitable identity means being known for giving back in a specific way. You want people to identify you with the charitable cause you support. You want them to be able to tell that you have a passion for it and have obviously put in a lot of time finding ways you can make a difference. We help professional athletes figure out which charitable causes they are passionate about and then create special ways that they can give back to those causes that maximize their support and help garner them the most attention for it.

Web Design and Social Media Management

Websites serve a crucial role in our society despite the rise of social media. We're focused on making our websites as responsive and interactive as possible. Our concepts are ever evolving and reflective of the latest in digital advancements. 

In addition, we will create and manage your social media presence with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. This means developing your social media graphics and keeping them consistent with your website and overall image. We'll also manage and edit your posts and delete inappropriate responses/conversations. 

Summer Sports Camps

We take pride in the professionalism and organization of our summer sports camps. We only work with clients who are dedicated to being present for their entire camp and thoroughly engaged with their campers. We've developed over 30 different sports camps (basketball and football) for over a dozen pro athletes. We will organize, manage and execute every aspect of your camp from start to finish. Our camps are set up so that our clients will have to spend little to no money (and make money in some instances). We will help hire coaches, get volunteers and guest speakers, secure sponsors, and get the best deals from venues and vendors.

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